3.11 ENECMO technical data

3.11 Technical data

Technical data for Enecmo sidecars 30.12.2014
– Length about 2300 mm
– Width, with narrow fender 1113 mm
with wide fender 1126 mm
– Height about 1250 mm
– Ground clearance 120 mm
– Toe in 15-20 mm
– Sidecar wheel travel 200-350 mm (sidecar axle to front from bike axle, debends on bike )
– Entry level 425 mm
– Trunk loading level 670 mm
– Trunk hole width 575 mm
– Trunk hole lenght 350 mm
– Trunk hole max. diagonally 600 mm
– Seat width (with inside covers) 850 mm
– Sholder to sholder width minimum 755 mm
– Footspace length 1000 mm
– Passenger head space (Cabriolet roof) 950 mm
– Trunk volume 0.350 m3 350 L
– Weight of sidecar GF body 120 kg
– Load capacity with GF body 180 kg
– Weight of sidecar Carbon body 100 kg
– Load capacity with Carbon body 200 kg

– Aluminium rims: (several examples) 4 x 100, 5.5 x 14, ET 26; or 4 x 100, 6 x 15, ET 36
– Tyres: (maximum sizes) 165 / 65 x 14; or 175 / 55 x 15

Main data of standard chassis: (All standard and optional accessories will be installed by bolts!)
– 40 x 40 x 2 square and 35 x 2 round steel tube frame, silver or black powder painting + inside tubes corrosion protection.
– Wheel steering linkage: Rods, levers, joints and grease nipples + adjustable steering damper.
(economy model without linkage!)
– Suspension rack: Vertically adjustable suspension track fixed by bolts onto the frame. Powder painted.
– Suspension swing: Bended round tubes, welded into the bearing nests. (+grease nipples in bearing nests)
Swing and electric zinc coated bend steel plate brackets are fixed by four 12 mm bolts.
The roll bearings of swing vertical (tilted) axle are same as in the wheel hub. (standard bearings)
– Wheel hub: Trailer type hub, 35 mm axle, 4 x 100 bolting, load capacity 450 kg; adjustable,
fixed by four 12 mm bolts into the swing. (Allow to use two different wheel offset [ET] or width.)
– Brake: Nissan Sunny electric zinc coated disc; Volvo caliber and brake pads; Tubes and hoses.
– Damper; Trailer type, movable to 4 positions.
– Spring: Adjustable spring. [design not complete 11.2014]
Main data of the body parts:
– Fiberglass cabin: Cabin is made of 3 parts, fixed together by glue, front floor thickness 4 mm, (bottom body,
made of two half, L+R) + trunk part, thickness 2 mm.
– Door is made of outside and inside parts, thickness 2.5 – 3 mm.
(Inside surfaces are smooth and shiny., total weight of FG-parts 37 kg).
(Alternative cabin: Carbon fiber, thickness 1 – 1,5 mm, total weight 19 kg)
Outside surface ABS-parts and panels fixed by screws, tape or glue: (thickness 2-2.5 mm)
(parts made by same molds for left and right side traffic, only edge cutting is different)
Standard or Custom-made models.
Separate upper and lower Nose parts.
Custom made Tail part.
Upper and lower side panels.
– Trunk hatch: Hollow ABS-plastic, outside and inside parts. Built-in type spoiler (2 versions); or No-spoiler model, on where you can fix detached spoiler. (Goldwing original spoiler)
– Windscreen: Unbreakable and scratch resistant Margard Polycarbonate sheet, thickness 3 mm,
+ aluminium profile edge fixed by glue.
– LED or automotive style e-marked lamps and reflectors: Lamp model depends on Nose or Tail model.
– Complete Cabriolet roof: Plastic windows and detachable side windows. Aluminium tube support bows.
Tenax or normal press buttons. (Whole roof could be folded into the trunk.)
– Standard seat: Detachable artificial leather upholstery and padding on plywood sheets.
– Floor mats: Many different types and colors.
– Door opening and locking mechanism: Opening handles, (Renault 2011); Lifting handles, black, white or grey;
Door ”2-bar lifting type” metal hinges + gas spring.
– Trunk hatch hinges and locking: Outside ”2-bar lifting type” metal hinges and lock.
– Gaskets: Door and trunk hatch gaskets.

And a lot of optional accessories, such as:
– Roll bar (safety bow). Outside bow, stainless steel round tube 30 x 2 mm.
– Seat belts.
– Safety seat for baby.
– Loudspeakers, 2 or 4.
– Radio / CD / TW, 1 or 2 DIN hole. Antenna, solid or electric.
– Intercom, between bike and sidecar. [design not complete 11.2014]
– Detachable inside wall upholstery panels and dash board. Naked ABS or upholstered with leather or fabric.
(very good noise isolation) [design not complete 11.2014]
– Inside decoration panels. Wooden, aluminium or upholstered.
– Interior LED lights for inside wall panels. [design not complete 11.2014]
– Foot space lights. [design not complete 11.2014]
– Trunk light. [design not complete 11.2014]
– Side lights. Square, oval, Alfa Romeo or Volvo -models. Clear or yellow.
– Side mirror. Also with signal light.
– Neck cushion(s), 1 or 2. Adjustable
– Arm rests with soft drink bottle holder. Reversible. [design not complete 11.2014]
– Leg rest with ABS-compartment for small goods. Adjustable
– Extra styling seat cover. Real leather or special fabric.
– Manual seat adjusters. [design not complete 11.2014]
– Electric seat adjusters.[design not complete 11.2014]
– Seat heaters.
– Trash box under the seat. ABS plastic.
– Lid for trunk floor compartment. Plywood.
– Upper compartment (box) for stuffs behind neck cushions. ABS plastic.
– Extra gas tank under the trunk. (10 L) (in near future)
– Trailer hitch. (in near future)
– And many outside decoration chrome grilles and parts. (same as for cars or motorcycles)