6.2 Events and news

6.2 Events and news

The very first reveal of ENECMO project was in Kologne Intermot 2014 motorcycle exhibition 01.-05. October 2014.
There were large posters and some data of the project on the wall of the German sidecar club BVHK.
The other purpose of that trip was to get the latest news and data of the sidecars and to find some suitable new parts.
And it was a huge success, a lot of led lights, examination rules, marketing contacts etc. was found.

The Sidecar magazine Motorrad Gespanne had also an article of ENECMO project in October issue.

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Falk Hartmann 72, THE real MASTER of sidecars, was the head organizer of the BVHK stand as many many times before.
A little bit later I got a very sad message, Falk has died at 28.10.2014.
“All my sympathies and participation to all of his family and all of his friends.
I had a great honor  to know him for 24 years, I met him in my firs Intermot trip 1990. RIP”.
Jukka Riekkinen