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Completely new (4D) 3D-designed sidecar from Jukka Riekkinen, the designer of Speeding 2WS in 90´s.

(That fourth dimension is time, said Albert Einstein)

The ENECMO 2 WS™ sidecar is designed for the most demanding motorist of today especially for the big motorcycles.

The emphasis of planing has been the needs of family motorists as well the quality, the equipment and the design.

3D-modeling and detailed preparation work during many years gave the possibility to finalize every detail as perfect as possible without making many prototypes before starting the production.

Sidecar production will start at 2017!

The nose and the tail of TailWing™ trailer will be modified similar to the sidecar, the production will start after that!

There are plenty of special features and standard equipment, important from
the users point of view, which normally don’t exist in other sidecars, such as:

– Polished stainless steel tube roll bar with 3-point seat belt readiness.
– Unbreakable, scratch resistant windshield. (Polycarbonate)
– Possibility to ride the bike with or without sidecar. (=alternative use)
– Steering sidecar wheel, better driving behavior and less wear of tyres. (2WS)
– Adjustable steering damper.
– Adjustable suspension and disc brake.
– Tilt opening door makes stepping in and out easy even for children. (Easy entry)
– Detachable rain hood with detachable windows , Cabriolet or Targa models.
– Detachable seat upholstery and adjustable seat for two passengers
or one grown up and safety seat for baby.
– Stylish inside wall upholstery elements and dash board with many handy details. 
– Fresh air vent in instrument panel for sufficient ventilation.
– Giant size lockable trunk with smooth inside surfaces which needs no upholstery.
– Trunk hatch hinges are modern ”outside lifting 2-bar style”.
– Modern design without futuristic tricks.

You find detailed data of design principles from the page 2.1
And the specifications for all models and lists of standard
and optional accessories from the page 3.1

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Pictures from the very first reveal of the project in Kologne Intermot 2014

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All colors and codes
on page 6.1
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